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Plymbridge Parisian Drum Lampshade

Regular price £50.00

The classic tapered shape of the Parisian Drum allows the details within the silk-printed design to do the talking and make a statement of their own. Whether you’re adding a simple pop of colour to a room or looking for a distinctive focal point, the shade’s simple silhouette allows it to look at home no matter what your interior style.

The simple and understated shape of this lampshade makes it the perfect canvas for our Plymbridge print which captures the beautiful bluebells of Plymbridge Woods near Jenny’s childhood home that turn the forest floor into a carpet of blue every spring. Their bell-shaped flowers and long, graceful leaves lend themselves to creating the patterns captured in our design. Frogs sit resting among the flora while bees can be seen visiting the flowers, tempted by the sweet aroma that fills the air beneath the canopies of the forests where they’re found.

Printed onto silk, the vibrant pink backdrop and deep navy details create a eye-catching contrast that brings the flora and fauna within the design to life.

Our lampshades are created using traditional, artisan techniques by Charlotte and her family in their workshop in Plymouth. We have fitted each one with a duplex attachment, so that they can be used as either a ceiling pendant or on a table lamp. They are also lined with silk to give a gentler, diffused light that creates warm and welcoming atmosphere to come home to.