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Heligan Wingback Chair

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We adore the classic shape of this wingback chair. It instantly makes us think of cosy evenings sat next to a roaring fire with our favourite people. Using some of our most distinctive prints in velvet, we’ve reupholstered this classic Parker Knoll to breathe new life into it and create a unique piece of furniture that can be used and loved once more. It’s perfect for placing next to your fireplace or creating a cosy nook elsewhere in your home.

We’ve wrapped the outer panels and inside wings in our Heligan print, which pays tribute to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, acres of grounds that were lost after the men that tended to them left to fight in The Great War and sadly never returned. Jenny always imagined this hidden gem wrapped in brambles, waiting to be rediscovered and this design captures its branches in full bloom, bearing their fruits through the warm summer months. Overhead, banded demoiselles flit between the leaves while moths and wasps tend the flowers, feasting on their nectar.

The back rest is upholstered in Burrator, a print that takes its name from the spot where Jenny and her Dad spent their early mornings watching the sunrise before he passed away. It's also one of her family’s favourite places to walk and stop for picnics beside the streams, watching the wildlife surrounding them. The print is a repeating pattern, laden with wildflowers that form long, elegant columns across the design. Adders twist among flowers and foliage as they provide shelter to the frogs nestled among them while bees hover overhead alongside hummingbird, emperor and tiger moths.