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Heligan Scalloped Tiffany Lampshade

Regular price £50.00

The silhouette of our scalloped tiffany lampshade is a nod to classic design and the traditional, artisan techniques used by Charlotte and her family to create each individual item in their workshop in Plymouth.

The lampshade features our Heligan print, which pays tribute to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, acres of grounds that were lost after the men that tended to them left to fight in The Great War and sadly never returned. Jenny always imagined this hidden gem wrapped in brambles, waiting to be rediscovered and this design captures its branches in full bloom, bearing their fruits through the warm summer months. Overhead, banded demoiselles flit between the leaves while moths and wasps tend the flowers, feasting on their nectar.

Printed on silk, the vibrant design, with its complementary hues of mustard yellow and navy, is hand-sewn onto its frame before being finished with a braided trim and elegant fringe detail.

We have fitted each lampshade with a duplex attachment, so that they can be used as either a ceiling pendant or on a table lamp. They are also lined with silk to give a gentler, diffused light that creates warm and welcoming atmosphere to come home to.