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Godrevy & Widdecombe Small Rectangular Cushion

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Framed by red campions, our Godrevy print sees its flowers blooming into life against a deep navy backdrop while its stems weave outwards from the centre. Finding sanctuary among them, hawk moths and greater crested newts complete this charming design that is reminiscent of a lazy summer afternoon on the banks of a trickling woodland stream.

On the reverse, our Widdecombe print sees the flowers of the red campion brought to life as they’re tossed across a contrasting background, accompanied by the plant’s stems and leaves. Each year, just as we say goodbye to the bluebells that cover the forest floor in their familiar purple hues, a sea of red blooms in its place as the red campion’s flowers blossom through the summer months.

Each of our cushions begins life as a hand-drawn design which is digitally coloured before being printed onto silk. Once they are sewn and finished with contrast piping, we fill the covers with plush feather pads that have been specially selected for their ability to stay fuller for longer.

With their decorative designs and luxurious silk fabric, our cushions are equally at home adding a pop of colour to a bedspread as they are bringing a colour scheme together in a living space.