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Burrator Parisian Drum Lampshade

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The classic tapered shape of the Parisian Drum allows the details within the silk-printed design to do the talking and make a statement of their own. Whether you’re adding a simple pop of colour to a room or looking for a distinctive focal point, the shade’s simple silhouette allows it to look at home no matter what your interior style. 

We’ve swathed this lampshade in our Burrator print, which takes its name from the spot where Jenny and her Dad spent their early mornings watching the sunrise before he passed away. It's also one of her family’s favourite places to walk and stop for picnics beside the streams, watching the wildlife surrounding them. The print is a repeating pattern, laden with wildflowers that form long, elegant columns across the design. Adders twist among flowers and foliage as they provide shelter to the frogs nestled among them while bees hover overhead alongside hummingbird, emperor and tiger moths.

Printed on silk, the design is brought to life through a rich combination of deep navy blue and vibrant mustard yellow.

Our lampshades are created using traditional, artisan techniques by Charlotte and her family in their workshop in Plymouth. We have fitted each one with a duplex attachment, so that they can be used as either a ceiling pendant or on a table lamp. They are also lined with silk to give a gentler, diffused light that creates warm and welcoming atmosphere to come home to.