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How To Make Glass Snowflake Decorations

Posted by Jenny Evans on

Hello and welcome back to our advent series.

Today I am joined by the fabulous Amanda from Amanda's Glass
Amanda shows us her incredible process on how to make these beautiful glass snowflakes.

As someone creative, I know that every Christmas, my family expect beautiful, homemade gifts. Glass snowflakes are a beautiful keepsake gift to give to any family or friend. Plus, you can actually try this tutorial at home too! Amanda mentioned microwave kilns in the video and they are very affordable, head over Amazon for more information!

Amanda is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend attending one of her workshops, I gave this as a gift to my Mum a few years ago and we had a fantastic time and came away with decorations and jewellery galore. Such fun!

I hope you enjoy and as ever, if you try one of these tutorials, make sure you share it using the hashtag #createwithjennykate 

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